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Review: April 20, 2016
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Inflagranti is a new site on the Stiffia network, a large collection known for high quality. Inflagranti is German in origin, and the things that German porn are known for are evident here. Members hof Inflagranti are treated to some pretty hardcore content, bordering on extreme. With niches like German Fetish Freaks and Machine Fuckers, this place really makes you feel like you're in the heart of the Deutschland. Alles gute!


Overall rating7.5

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German porn is known for certain hallmarks; a starkness of mood, hardcore that borders on edgy, and fetishes that can be a little extreme. Germans are a people that work hard, and their porn matches that ethic. Inflagranti fits right in with those signets, and fans of Teutonic smut will be pretty happy with what's here.

The main thing to like is the overall feel, and the sorts of content that are provided. It can all be sorted in a few ways, one of which is by niche. The niches include "Hopp or Popp" (gang bang parties and swinger scenes), "Public Sex in Berlin" (pretty much says it all), and "German Fetish Freaks" (scenes with some pretty wild kinks). There are more, and suffice it to say that Germans play in their porn as hard as they work.

The production quality of the videos is also typically German. Indoor scenes are darkly lit, camera filters are non-existent, and everything is shot in a very direct, no-nonsense fashion. This gives an effect of bluntness and edginess. There's nothing soft about anything here.

That edge includes the content. The sites dances around the edge of humiliation in many cases. For example there are a few videos where a girl is covered in some kind of unknown slime, and then fucked roughly. The gangbang parties tend to be on the rugged side, and overall the scenes are harsh.

The site itself is laid out pretty simply. Scenes are arranged in a grid with pic links, and are easy to maneuver. There are a few sorting tools, but they're pretty raw. They aren't needed right now; the site is new, so there's not a lot of content available yet. More is coming all the time, so it should grow quickly.

Viewing options are pretty solid; both streams and downloads on video max out at 1080p, a rarity which is nice. I found everything around this highly satisfactory.

Amount of content: 71 videos/69 photosets
Update frequency: A few times a week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1080p
Video types: mp4
Photo resolution: 2048x3072 pixels
Available for mobile: Yes


Fans of the German brand of smut will get a nice variety of it at The quality is good and the user interface makes for a good experience. You'll want to be in to this style of porn; it isn't soft or fun. It's more for on-the-edge fetishists and those who like fringe porn. There is access to to Stiffia content, and that adds value. I'd like to see more in the actual site itself, though. It'll come, so if you like this, it's worth the price of admission.

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