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Review: November 7, 2005, by Gabrio
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BDSM is a specific word but if you are into bondage and fetish stuff you probably know that it means "Bondage Sado Maso" and you are definitely going to love Hog Tied if you love this kind of things. The tour has many big thumbs and we can see that there are hot models being tied with ropes in every wicked position only for your viewing pleasure. The blonde on the main page is Stacy Burke which is a member of the "Blonde Posse" from Hugh Hefner, yeah thats right....


Overall rating8.8

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The members area of Hog Tied has a black look which in my opinion is perfect for a Bondage site. On the top you have 8 main links and each link has a small bondage picture: history, updates, schedule, models, links, store, forums and resources. In the middle of the page there is a small 200x134 thumbnail with a tied girl that takes you to the short version of the Updates page. At the bottom of the page you have 9 links for the other sites from their network but keep in mind that all sites except Free Hardcore require separate memberships.

I moved to the Updates button and this link opened a long page filled with hot content. On the upper part there is a selector that lest you browse all the pages, overall there are 29 pages and right under it there are 3 links that lets you change the look of the page: full view, brief view or no images if you're on a rush. On the right side of the screen there are the members area stats which are impressive: 356 shoots, 65.880 pictures, 6.306 clips for a total of 9.673 viewing minutes. Even though the layout of the page is REALLY simple, the key here is content, in fact there are no tricks or whatever, just content. And this what everybody wants right? The first girl on the page, like we saw on the tour is Stacy Burke, the hot model from Playboy, on the upper part you have a brief info about herself and right under that there are the links to the content, pictures, downloadable video and streaming video respectively.

The photos are available either in low res and hi res, each set is divided by scene, actually I checked out the hi res photos and they are stunning, clean and big. There is a very interesting feature that is ZIP files on the go, which basically means that you can choose the pictures you prefer and then create a ZIP archive just with them so you don't need to download everything but just what you prefer the most!

Stacy was smoking hot so I decided to move to the videos and like I was expecting they were great.


If you are a lover of tied models, ropes and bondage, you absolutely have to join this site. The content is hot, there is wet action and the models are stunning! I think that these guys have put together something which is really original and very good, plus I have read a few of the comments that have been posted by the other members and it looks like everybody is having fun and enjoying the content! You can even check out their schedule to see what model is going to be shot next!

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