Got 2 Pee Review

Review: September 5, 2018, by Neil
Got 2 Pee

When these ladies got to go, they do not care whether they are in the middle of the woods, a park, or on some stairs outside - their urge to pee is overwhelming and they really cannot contain themselves. At least, that is the case on Got 2 Pee, a website that delivers incredibly kinky pissing content with some of the sexiest Euro amateur babes around to its numerous horny subscribers.


Overall rating8.9

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The kind of fetish Got 2 has to offer is nothing new, but what is new is the way in which that fetish is delivered to the viewers. Besides starring some rather sexy lassies, the way in which the videos on here are shot is simply magnificent as it delivers the best of the pissing action. Plus, the setting is always in a public outdoors place which makes these video clips even more exhilarating and arousing. So, you have sexy ladies who need to pee and public places where they decide to do it, as well as excellently directed action and the only thing missing is the Full HD quality.

Well, fret not, since these 1,047 videos are indeed all available in 1080p Full HD resolution. They are also available in lower resolutions. Unfortunately, there are no image galleries available on this website, not in the traditional sense that is. There are around 10 screen caps available for every video which you can view, but you cannot download them. While proper image galleries would be nice, this website still offers rather quality videos. And over 1,000 of them at that.

When it comes to the extras department, this website really has not got anything to offer. While bonus sites and bonus content would be appreciated and awesome, if you have as much content as this site, and if that content is of a high quality, as well as if you update on regular basis as this site does (in fact, updates on this site happen almost every singe day), then your subscribers should not be dissatisfied at all. And, indeed, from what I have seen and experienced on this website, I have to say that it is rather amazing. For the money that you would pay for the membership to this site you will be getting amazing content within this particular fetish niche.

Amount of content: 1,047 videos and 2,000+ screen caps
Update frequency: Almost daily
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080 (Full HD)
Video types: flash, wmv & mp4
Photo resolution: N/A
Available for mobile: Yes


While Got2Pee might not win awards within the adult entertainment industry, it still delivers some of the best peeing videos around starring some of the hottest European chicks you will ever see. There are over 1,000 of these and, even though this site does not have any image galleries or extras, the sheer amount, as well as the quality of said videos make this website one of the best within its particular niche.

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