Girls I Got Review

Review: January 29, 2014
Girls I Got

There are tons of choices in online adult entertainment. Some handle specific fetishes, some focus on single stars, and some try to cover everything under the sun. Then there are sites like Girls I Got. This site isn't flashy, and doesn't try to satisfy everyone. What it does is get the job done. If this site was a worker, it'd be a guy who carries a lunch pail and works from 9 to 5. Not the best site you'll find, but it might work for guys who just want solid porn with no frills.


Overall rating6

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Sometimes sites are easy to review. The ones that focus on an unusual fetish, or a girl who is maybe strangely attractive can be easy. Huge sites with tons of content can be easy as well. If a site has a hook, it makes reviewing it a lot simpler. GirlsIGot, on the other hand, was a little tougher to draw a bead on.

The reason is that the site doesn't really differentiate itself in any way. What this site presents is (currently) 95 videos where the focus is on the women in the video. I suppose that this is the differentiation, but it's not a huge one. The content in the videos is a mix of girl-girl, solo, and boy-girl, in roughly equal mixes. The talent appears to be amateurs, or at least lightly known pros. I'd say it's a solid talent level, although not the best I've ever seen. The girls all tended to look similar after I checked out a batch of videos. There were no bad ones, but none really stood out either. I wouldn't say there was a ton of variety, although they did include some thicker girls, which was maybe a nice change of pace.

The action itself ranged from decent to good. Like the talent, nothing stands out, but nothing bad either. I'd say it's pedestrian in nature, but it works and gets the job done.

The site is laid out very simply, with all videos organized in chronological order by add date. Videos have pic links and a title. There are no sorting or searching tools; you have to browse it all. Once you have selected a video to watch, there is a streaming and download option. Videos are only available as wmv files. The streams were fairly slow and somewhat choppy. Resolution was decent if not great, although most of it is in 1080p.

There is not a lot of content here, and no updates in the last 8 months. There are also no photos on the site, which is a bit of a drag.

Amount of content: 95 videos
Update frequency: No updates since April 2013
Exclusive content: Uncertain; it appears so
Max video resolution: 1080p
Video types: wmv
Available for mobile: No


I don't want to say is an average site, because it's not. It's somewhat above average, but not by a lot. The girls are attractive, mostly, even if there's not a lot of variety. The action is similar; it's good, but I can't say it's great. At least there is some variety there though. I'd like to see some more recent updates, because what's here by itself is not super-compelling. There is some good bonus content, and that helps. This one's a tough call, to be honest.

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