Girl Girl Bang Review

Review: September 19, 2008, by teaser
Girl Girl Bang

Hot steamy lesbian love! Guys love lesbians, gay/bi chicks love them, and even nominally straight girls love them. The latest addition to slutty lesbians on the web is a small, for now, site called Girl Girl Bang. The Girl Girl Bang tour is only one page, but they do give you six, one minute, sample videos to check out. The page shows nine, but three of them take you right to the sign-up page.


Overall rating6.8

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The whole premise of Girl Girl Bang is Phoebe (site owner and camera operator) finds supposedly ordinary chicks off the street, and asks them to perform in a girl/girl video. After a couple of "no, thanks" she finds a little hottie that is just dying to do a porn movie! The Girl Girl Bang member home page is little more than a listing of the videos available, fifteen at this time, with a weekly update schedule. The listings give you three pictures, running time, names of the girls in the video, and number of pictures available for that episode.

Each episode has its own page that has a fairly long description of the video, a picture and stats of the girls in it, and links to download the video, watch it online via streaming video or view the pictures for the video. The movies themselves are all pretty well done. Each one is a little over an hour long, and can be watched in several different methods. You can download the entire movie in one big file, download it is six, roughly ten minute clips, or view it online via streaming video. Some, but not all of the movies are available in either MPeG or Windows Media formats. The video quality is generally pretty good, and watching them on full screen is not a big problem. The camera work is obviously amature in nature, but pretty good nonetheless.

The girls of Girl Girl Bang are all hot, young, and very enthusiastic. There is honestly not a lot of variety here. The babes of Girl Girl Bang are all in their early to mid twenties, slender, and tend to be brunettes, though there are a few blondes. There was one that really stood out. A dark haired bombshell named Roxy who was absolutely stunning, had great tits, and a perfect ass.

Along with the videos, Girl Girl Bang has a ton of pictures. Each episode has at least a thousand photos, with a few having two thousand! These pictures are arranged in very small, hard to see thumbnails. There are no options for slide show viewing, or downloading the entire set via a zip file. The photos are all screen caps from the video, and the quality reflects that.


All in all GirlGirlBang is an interesting, semi-amateur site. All the babes are young, hot, with very nice bodies, and a lot of enthusiasm! Girl Girl Bang's pricing scheme is unusual. Although there isn't much video action just yet, while you wait you can check out the thousands of pictures and if you opted for $29.95 a month deal you get bonus sites as well.

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