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Review: September 24, 2008, by Gabrio
Get Naughty Girls

How about a massive amount of cute sexy girls? That's what you are going to find in the members area of Get Naughty - Make sure to check out the tour and see for yourself that these are some amazing cuties that love to appear in front of the camera just because they love to show the bottom you have the full list of girls and it's quite great if you ask me, see you inside now!!


Overall rating7

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Ok guys, are you ready to get naughty? If you answered yes then you are in the right place! The main entrance of this website looks rather simple and for some reason I get a warning that a pop up has been blocked and that is a bad thing in the end since these websites shouldn't have pop ups, I checked out what was going on the pop up that was blocked and there was a promo for another of their websites, I think that a single link is enough in the end.....the main page of the website is very simple, not a good design actually, let's see the content!

At the top, below the welcome message you have: Pictures, Videos, Girlfriends, Hot Video On Demand and then there is the breakdown of the most recent updates, which I can see that they have been updated on August 31st, 2008 which means just a few days ago, that's quite good. And the most recent update was with a model named Mandi, there are 10 different sets with this nice hottie... at the top of each photo gallery you have a link for the .zip archive with the set in question.

This hottie that featured the most recent update was very nice and I really enjoyed the set where she is by the window and you just see her silhouette that is lit by the light. Then I browsed the other content available and I checked out a couple of video clips, you also have hardcore stuff here, I suggest you to click from the top of the page on Videos for the full listing of clips they have. I checked out this girl called Lexi and in her page you have some video clips, lesbian and solos that are quite good. Buffering was done in a short while and then the clips appeared on windows media player.

The video clips are in .wmv format and you do not have any preview screen shot in fact the clips are directly linked from the internal pages of the site. Speed was very good in fact I had around 900 k/sec when I downloaded the videos off this site.


I have to be honest and in my opinion the design of is pretty simple in fact they should do a better layout however the content is not bad. Some of their girls were really hot and they definitely love masturbation and hardcore in general - a note, some of the video pages did not have screen shots while some others had them....I am wondering why. I really liked this babe called Emily.

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