GBD Hailey Review

Review: August 17, 2006, by Abz
GBD Hailey

GBD-Hailey stands for German Baby Doll Hailey and looking at the free sample pictures on the tour you can see that Hailey has a nice smile and a very nice ass and also some nice looking friends too. Hailey says that she is a very active and lively girl and you'll never get bored with her. Before you decide to join Hailey's site read the full review of GBD-Hailey below.


Overall rating6.8

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Inside the members area it's very straight forward with basically 7 links to click on you won't need to be a genius to find your way around inside you'll see pictures, videos, goodies and contact me. Apart from that you'll find the latest galleries added to the site listed in the center of the main page and underneath that the upcoming picture and video updates.

Click on pictures and you'll see 4 main picture categories: studio pictures, homemade pictures, outdoor pictures and pictures with friends. Inside the studio pictures are 31 picture sets with 31 - 84 pictures in each set. The studio pictures are basically pictures with Hailey posing wearing different outfits and sexy thongs. Next are the homemade pictures where you'll find 12 picture sets most with over 50 pictures of Hailey once again posing in sexy outfits and sheer underwear. Next are the outdoor pictures which currently only has 1 picture set with 91 images of Hailey posing on a roof top. Finally it's the pictures with friends section which has 6 sets with 20-90 pictures in each set featuring Haileys very sexy girl friends. All of the images in each category are very large high quality images and can be downloaded in a zip file for easy viewing.

Inside the video section there are currently only 2 videos which are MPG files and play using windows media player without DRM. You just simply click on what ever movie you want to watch and the movie will automatically download and eventually play in windows media player. The movies are nice quality and you get to see Hailey playing with one of her friends in the bath, dripping hot wax over her chest. You also have a chance to see whats coming next by clicking on upcoming pictures and videos.

Finally there is a section to contact Hailey, however it does say that if you have a special outfit wish, a nice suggestion for a new gallery or are writing a beautiful letter that's fine. But nonsense emails like "hey wazzup, baby" or "show your ass" or anything disrespectful will be deleted.


Hailey is absolutely gorgeous and has some very sexy friends who appear on her site in her pictures and videos. You will definitely like GBD-Hailey if your looking for very large high quality images featuring sexy softcore shots of sexy models in thongs and sheer seethrough lingerie. You probably will find more content on a lot of other sites but you certainly won't find that many girls as hot as Hailey.

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