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Review: June 10, 2011, by daniels
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Gay Life Network

The website is a wonderful site featuring many hot videos, pictures and interviews of gay men. They feature sexy young twink's as well as many built and sexy gay men. The videos offer nothing but the hottest gay porn around; from tattooed twinks getting it on to hot latino threesomes this site has everything for someone into gay porn. IF you read this review it will give a better understand if this site is for you.


Overall rating8.8

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One of the first things I noticed upon logging into Gay Life Network is how eye catching it is, it's a very well laid out site that will have you reading through the video captions before you know it. All of the drop down menus are at the top of the page and are clearly labeled so you'll have no problem at all navigating this site. It's easy to search for your favourite man with the profile section and the content is all well laid out.

This site doesn't lack content either with it's over 517.70 GB of content you will be getting your money's worth. There are over 75 videos and over 493 scenes available for your viewing pleasure. You can stream them directly from the site from the built in flash player at 640x480 or download them in either the WMV or MP4 format which is also downloaded at 640x480.

Gaylifenetwork has a section of their models that appear in their video so while there aren't many photos available on this site finding your favourite model is as easy as scrolling through the models and clicking on the profile. From there you can be linked to all the videos that the men appear in. This feature makes finding exactly the kind of man you like to watch incredibly easy and the profiles are a lot of fun to simply browse through until you find what you want to watch.

With a membership to this hot site you do gain access to 6 other sites with similar and equally as hot content. You also have access to bonus videos and live cam feeds. The other added feature of this site is the DVD store that allows you to order the hot gay videos for your own collection.

The only complaint with this website is that lack of photographs, this site is purely a video site so if you are into site photo's you will be disappointed in the lack of selection. But because they have such a wide range of videos and the model profiles you barely notice the lack of photos if you are just into videos.


If it's hot twinks and buff men you're into and you love to watch them bang on video this site is for you, despite its lack of photos this is a great site for gay porn. Because joining Gaylife offers plenty of extras and is a well laid out and frequently updated site the membership is well worth the money. As a great gay site I would definitely grab a membership to this site any day.

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