Exhib Amateurs Review

Review: June 12, 2008, by Gabrio
Exhib Amateurs

Who said that only porn stars can give you a thrill? I think that you should reconsider that sentence since if you for one moment take a look at ExhibAmateurs.com you will then find out that on this site you have very filthy girls that are really horny and they need to have their daily sex fix, what else are you waiting for? Start checking out the review below.


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So are you ready for checking out these sexy amateurs that love hardcore action?? I really hope so since we are now going to check out the members area of ExhibAmateurs.com....I couldn't find very easily the entrance for the members area and that one was located at the bottom of the page then within a few moments I was inside hopefully. The main page is very compact and you have there some photos from the Last Update, with 3 screen shots and then the menu is as follows: Amateur Pictures, Amateur Movies, Amateur Stories and Monthly Contests where you can submit your stuff and earn 300$, yeah since if you did not understand that before, this website is all done with stuff that is submitted by amateurs like you, that should make you proud of being potentially featured on a website, doesn't it??

First off I clicked Amateur Movies and then you get a nice rich page with lots of screen shots for all the videos that are available, for each one you can see the date of when it was added to the page and the list is quite rich in fact you have 10 pages overall. I checked out some videos and for each vid you have a nice big screen shot and the video files are in .wmv format, besides you can also rate the clip if you want, eventually. Download speed was very good in fact I got around 500 k/sec that is really a nice speed.

Then I headed back to the Photos page and on that one you have a grand total of 15176 from what I can read on the page that is really a good number if you ask me, the photo gals have more or less the same type of content, amateur to the max!! I can recommend you to check out this set with Brunette Gorgeous Ass, really a hottie, a bit spanish look if you know what I mean.. there is also a .zip download archive which I downloaded in a jifty! After doing that I checked out the menu Submitted Movies and on that one there is the content sent by the members and there is lots of raw hardcore action, imagine....you could see your porn videos there too, so what are you waiting for? Submit!


The best thing about this website Exhib Amnateurs.com is probably the fact that you can submit your very own videos so if you are a true exhibitionist then that is something which you really have to do - maybe your girl friend will not be proud of that, but you will win 300$...In the end the website is easy to browse but the content is hot so that is all which matters, right? Have fun, members area is way better than the tour in my opinion.

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