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Review: December 24, 2009, by Steve
Ex Gf Sexxx

Ex GF Sexxx is a site featuring girlfriend movies where some revenge is had on those girls who had dumped some poor guys a while back. These girls should never have agreed to have shot some amateur porn though because now those tapes have ended up on the internet, or more specifically on this site, and their cocksucking and fucking antics are here for the world to see! These girls next door never thought that facial they took would end up making money for their exes!


Overall rating6.3

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A total of 99 videos is what I counted when I reviewed ExGFSexxx - so not far off their ton then! Although all the most recent updates are listed on the front members' area page (updates are unpredictable but usually more frequent than weekly) not all the episodes are dated, but I don't think that matters that much. What I think did matter was the absence of many other indexes and menus though - there is no list of all the girls that star on the site, for instance, and no description of any of the scenes. It wasn't all that great, in fairness.

Unfortunately, there were no images or screenshot galleries accompanying the videos, whilst the videos themselves are not really furnished with a huge amount of options. You can stream and download almost all of the videos, both in .WMV format, but I didn't see any that you could watch or download in shorter clips. Once again, almost all the videos seemed to play at 640x480px. Pretty disappointing on the video option front as well, then.

Having seen that the general options and presentation on the site wasn't going to blow me away, I was hopeful that this would be a site that would redress the balance with some stunning content. Well, I don't think at any point that ExGFSexxx.com ever reached those levels with its content, even if some of the ladies did, but it wasn't ever plumbing the levels of being bad either. Not sure about the 'girlfriend' status of many of these girls but this was definitely mostly amateur stuff. And exclusive too, according to the site at least.

I would say that the majority of the content on the site was shot from the POV perspective, so you get lots of close-up blowjobs and cumshots to enjoy. As with most of these amateur sites, there is a nice variety of girls to enjoy here, but the videos themselves ranged quite significantly in terms of their length, with some too short and some too long. I think they need to clarify exactly what bonuses you get on the 'basic' package though because I was left quite confused by this. The premium package is easier to figure out - but expensive.


Ex GF Sexxx.com is saddled with a navigation and design that doesn't really prove to be all that helpful, and a slightly confusing pricing and bonus sites set-up. But I was pretty satisfied that almost all the content here was genuine amateur stuff and for fans of blowjobs especially you will find that the mostly POV perspective videos suit your fancies nicely. Good content then, but shame about the packaging of it.

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