Broken Teens Review

Review: June 25, 2015
Broken Teens

There are two main themes happening at Broken The first should be obvious by the title; this place focuses on teenage hotties. The second is also referenced in the title, but is less clear. These young honeys are broken by big huge cocks. When you lay your eyes on these sweet sugar chicks, you'll want to see more of the hardcore action in which they are featured. This site is clean, fresh, and delivers nicely.


Overall rating7.6

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It's hard to go wrong with the premise that Broken Teens runs with. Take some fresh-faced girls in the 18-20 year age range, match them up with some gigantic cocks, and let the fun commence. You get that here, all in a nicely done package.

Let's start with the main draw; the female talent. These girls may not all be teenagers (some are clearly not; Sophie Dee is included, and she hasn't been a teenager for well over a decade), but most are. More importantly, they are overwhelmingly attractive. They are also young-looking, and most don't have an over the top porn appearance. The teen premise, if not literal in all cases, is delivered.

The action is also solid. Most scenes are pretty basic porn, with these teen hotties taking some seriously large dicks. That's the basic theme, although in some of the videos (and it's all video here; no photo content) there are occasional hints of domination and rough sex. Nothing extreme; more like really hard banging and control of the teen girls. Suffice it to say that it satisfies.

The production of the scenes is also solid. It's obvious that good cameras are used, with well done lighting, etc. The girls are made up nicely and the production values here really add to the experience. The only negative I can provide about the videos is that resolution doesn't appear to be all that awesome. Downloads max out at 720p, which is only so-so. The in-site browser streams seem to be decent, if not super hi-def. It all works well enough for me, but video snobs may be a little put off. Other than that, presentation of content is fine. The search tools might be the only other possible rough point, but what's provided works OK.

One other strong point here is that membership provides access to DaGFs network, a pretty serious bonus. With 11 different sites and
a large batch of bonus videos, there's plenty here.

Amount of content: 83 videos
Update frequency: No information available
Exclusive content: It appears to be exclusive
Max video resolution: 720p
Video types: MP4
Photo resolution: n/a
Available for mobile: Yes


When you match hot young teens with big huge cocks, you have a winning formula going for you. is a very solid site. Unless you're looking for MILFs or a specific fetish, this one should work for just about any porn fan. Throw in a decent, clean user interface and some serious bonus content, and there are worse places than this to join. The only possible downsides might be video resolution, but that's probably nitpicky. Two thumbs up.

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