Bound My Bitch Review

Review: May 6, 2014, by Steve
Bound My Bitch

Bound My Bitch is a BDSM site that features some seriously scary ladies who mean business! They are not going to mess around when it comes to doling out punishment and these dominatrixes are not going to take any crap from anyone! They will use whatever means necessary to make sure their slaves, both male and female, obey them and behave themselves. If they don't, then only a lot more suffering awaits them!


Overall rating6

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It always strikes me as odd when a site has more information about its content on its free tour than it does in its members' area. So while you get descriptions of the content on the free tour, you get no such information in the members' area. You also get barely enough information about the updates and no hint as to when they will start adding videos again as currently they are only adding photo sets. It is just rather basic and lacking in features and details.

The video options are not really all that impressive either. Although Flash streaming and MP4 downloads are available, you don't really get any other options. Download speeds were good though, and none of the videos are DRM protected, which is always good to see. The galleries on this site did not come with ZIP download files but the photos were still of a pretty good quality, I thought. is a site that still feels as though it is building itself - certainly, with such a small collection, there is plenty of evidence to back this up as well. What I found interesting about the videos is that they have quite a few outdoor bondage and public humiliation videos and I do love that kind of content, actually. I was left wishing there was more of it as it really does rather intrigue me!

But the content is actually not the problem with this site because it is all very good indeed. I couldn't honestly tell if the content was exclusive or not, but it is certainly of a very good quality. It really is just a case of waiting for more of it to be added. At the moment, it is difficult to know how much better the site might get.

Amount of content: 12 videos and 42 photo sets
Update frequency: No videos added since November 2013; 1 photo set per week
Exclusive content: Unknown
Max video resolution: 1280x720px (HD)
Video types: MP4 and Flash
Photo resolution: 1200x800px
Available for mobile: No


I enjoyed pretty much all the content that I saw on Bound My Both the videos and photo sets were really good and also had a good variety of scenarios and fetishes being covered in them. However, the collection is way too small right now and they need to update this site far more regularly for it to be worth the money. If they can do this, this might go on and become really good rather than just above average.

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