Babysitter Movies Review

Review: January 25, 2010, by Steve
Babysitter Movies

Babysitter Movies is a hardcore reality site where sexy young ladies are spied on and then have what they get up to put up on this site! The site started out after a guy installed hidden cameras all over his house because he couldn't trust the babysitters he had been hiring. He couldn't believe some of the things that he saw and he was forced into punishing them - by fucking them with his big cock!


Overall rating6.8

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There are a total of 30 episodes on BabysitterMovies right now and at the moment they are adding a new one every week. There is plenty to look at on the site's free tour with some trailers and although the design of the members' area wasn't as impressive (and amusing), it navigated really well. There are indexes for the models and the bonus sites as well as clickable categories on each episode that can take you to a genre that you are particularly interested in. Update information is good with updates listed for the whole network but no previews of upcoming attractions.

There are three download formats on most videos which usually cover low and high quality formats too. .FLV, .WMV and .MPG formats are all covered with the highest quality videos (usually in .WMV format) normally playing at an impressively high definition 1440x1080px. There are also .MP4 streams available on almost all episodes too. In terms of the image galleries, these are normally (but not always) screenshot galleries available for .ZIP file download with single images usually displaying at 800x600px. However, the formats and sizes of the images are not always uniform and can depend on the particular episode.

So although there may be a little bit of confusion with regard to .ZIP files and formats of videos and so on, there are some very high definition offerings amongst the content on And when you check out who they have on board babysitting for them then you will be wanting to see them in crystal clear HD! Hillary Scott, Gia Jordan and Avy Lee are amongst them - okay, maybe not real babysitters but you really won't care!

They do play around with the concept quite nicely with many of the episodes starting off with 'spy' footage before the really proper hardcore stuff gets started. As a result, you almost get a bit of a voyeur feel to some of the footage especially at the start of each video, while a couple of the videos are shot in that way throughout. So the content was really fine but I would like to see all episodes have the same video and photo options to make things a little more even.


Babysitter is a fairly good little teen hardcore site that should keep you busy for a few days, but perhaps not much more than that just yet. You will get longer term entertainment from the other teen bonus sites that are available. This site itself has plenty of entertainment to offer in its videos and galleries with some hot stars and lots of playing around with a fun concept too.

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