Arab Mistress Review

Review: July 21, 2015, by Marilyn
Arab Mistress

Arab Mistress is what you get when women are fed up of servicing men and decide to flip the tables on them in the worst way possible. This is a scripted Femdom porn site where the women un-apologetically use and abuse cuckolded Arab men and the result is nothing short of spectacular. It's a relatively new site so it's on the small size content-wise but the content is so good, you'll want to see it.


Overall rating6.8

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If you're one of those people who is too sensitive to everything, then you probably should pass on Arab-Mistress because this is one very politically incorrect porn site where the main idea is that women are dominating Arab men. Everyone knows that in real life, the opposite is very true - Arab women are very submissive to their men, they do whatever their men want them to do and they don't dare talk back. Not on this site though where the women are calling the shots and the men are humiliated beyond words.

The idea behind this site is unique and it'll pique your curiosity. Their tag line is "the tables have turned, 4 husbands for each wife" and the tables have turned indeed but this site is so much more than sex because the women are out to prove that they can bring the men to their feet through some major ball bursting, literally and through whipping, gagging and a whole lot more. These women are not playing around with the submissive men at their mercy.

Their domination can be enjoyed in 38 episodes that are split into two sections - a video section and a picture section. Each one carries the same exact content except the latter is in still form. Content is added on a bi-weekly basis so the site is growing albeit a little slower than I would personally prefer. The quality of the content is pretty good especially if you choose to watch it in high def and while the content can be downloaded for later enjoyment, there is no zip file option to aid you in that department.

The only bonuses offered here with your membership are access to bonus video content that's mostly Femdom and cuckolded porn and you also get access to the blog which is full of very interesting articles.

Amount of content: 38 videos and 38 photo galleries
Update frequency: 1 video per 2 weeks
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080 (Ultra HD)
Video types: mp4
Photo resolution: 1024x768px
Available for mobile: Yes


If uniqueness is what you seek then you've found it in ArabMistress. The scenes are scripted but fun and the women are not afraid to show the men who the boss is. This is true Femdom and the female worship theme is well executed in each and every scene. The size of the site is the one major thing working against it but hopefully that will change with consistent updates. In the meantime though this site is definitely worth checking out.

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