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Review: October 31, 2008, by Gabrio
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12X Interracial

When you mix the races, sometimes things go crazy but if we speak about a website of this kind, then things start to become funny in fact here you have wild interracial sex. 12XInterracial gives you some free video trailers that you can check out in order to find out what is hidden inside the main members area of this website, then of course you better keep on reading for the full review below, as usual!


Overall rating7

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The main page of 12X Interracial looks rather simple and you will easily understand how things works right from the few moments that you have logged in... at the top of the page you have these links: Home, Videos, Pictures, Video Feeds and Support. If you look at the center of the page you will find the most recent updates they have performed to date and in the lower part of the page you have the list of the Coming Soon features and then some other extra goodies - yet at the right of the page you have a big list of niches that are available and you have the most popular ones there.

I headed back at the top of the page and I checked out the link that reads Videos, when you click on that one, you get a small list of updates, in fact there are just 10 previous clips there, but if you get back to the main page of the site, you will see that they have a link that takes you to a second page as well, so maybe they joined those pages together. Anyway, I clicked one of those links that you have on the main page of the site and you will reach a new page where there is the streaming video clip that is playing, they are in flash format, so they are in streaming, quality is quite good and there is a link for saving them to your hard disk just below the video that is currently streaming.

Download speed was a bit slow and then I jumped to the Pictures link. In the pictures area you have more sets compared to what you have in the videos area....the photo galleries have small thumbnails and I did not find the .zip download present.

Speaking in terms of quality of the images, I have to say that they are looking quite good, that was nice. Now I would say that after checking out the main interracial content, you should check out the bonus goodies that they give you, since there are many interesting niches there.


The members area of 12X Interracial.com looks rather simple and you will soon understand how things are working and like I have said they give you an extended list of extra goodies that are fun to check when you are done with the main content. This website overall is quite simple and I would say that it's one of those average sites where you find one special niche, in this case, interracial sex.

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